REVIEW: Incinerate by Tessa TeevanIncinerate by Tessa Teevan
Series: Explosive #2
Published by Self Published on February 18, 2014
Format: eBook
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When Knox Wellington opens the door to Charlie Davenport, he's not expecting the fiery brunette with whiskey colored eyes and a feisty personality. Sparks fly immediately, even though their initial meeting is nothing but hostile. Their chemistry is undeniable, but the chip on Knox's shoulder threatens to destroy any hope of him wooing the sweet, southern volunteer sent to help with his rehabilitation.

Little does he know she's no Southern Belle, as she gives as good as she can take. As unexpected circumstances push them closer together, heads butt, patience is tested, and flames ignite as they dance around their mutual attraction, both of them jaded from broken pasts.

They've both been burned before, so when their feelings of lust, desire, and wanting are inflamed in the heat of the moment, will they finally be able to get over the pain of the past or will their relationship be reduced to ashes before it can ever really begin?


My thoughts…

Oh Knox… I’ve been not so patiently waiting for your story. I found you to be really intriguing in the first book and so I couldn’t wait to get to know you.

Let me start off by saying that I really liked this book. I liked the plot for this one and storyline held my attention until the very end. I didn’t find myself skimming all.

There is a lot going on between the pages of Incinerate. There were a few things that were predictable, but that didn’t take away from the story.

Both Charlie and Knox are VERY headstrong and the type of characters who say what’s on their minds and don’t take shit from anyone. Upon meeting each other they butt heads. A lot. I liked this about them. I think it made them more interesting and added to the story.

The attraction between these two was strong, but neither of them thought it was a good idea to act on that attraction. I of course thought it was a great idea. 😛 Once they did come together things got hot between them really quick. I think Ms Teevan did a great job writing the sexual scenes. They were ht, well written, and plentiful.

Overall, I think Incinerate is a great addition to this series. I’m really looking forward to book three which is Lucy & Kale’s story and is due out later this year. If you haven’t read this series yet I highly suggest it.

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I received this book for free from the Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Blog Tour, Review & Giveaway: Ignite by Tessa TeevanIgnite by Tessa Teevan
Series: Explosive #1
Published by Self Published on October 28, 2013
Pages: 333
Format: eBook
Source: the Author
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After nearly a year and a half of grieving the loss of her husband, twenty-seven year old Alexa Sullivan Tate is headed back to her hometown after a decade of being away. She has no idea her high school crush, Jace McAllister, the guy who stole her heart the same night that he broke it, is more than ready to pick up the pieces.

Jace has spent the last ten years in the Army defusing bomb after bomb, trying to forget the girl who ignited all his passions. Little does he know that the spark still exists.

Ten years ago they had smoldering chemistry, but the spark between them now might light a fuse that leads to an explosion even Jace can't stop. Not that he wants to. If only Alexa can get past her guilt and trust her heart again.

But how do you put it all on the line when you've already lost everything once before?

*While this is a series, each book will be standalone.

My thoughts…

Where to begin. Ignite is the debut novel by Author Tessa Teevan. Those who are reading this probably know who she is. If not, here a few details about her. She makes up 1/3 of the Gutter Girls who have a book review blog. She’s very friendly and always responds to her @ replies on Twitter (at least she does mine lol) and even though she’s a Reds fan I can honestly say I think she’s a pretty cool girl to chat with.

Now onto Ignite.

The main characters are Jace and Lexi. I can’t say that they were high school sweethearts, but they were best friends. The night before Jace leaves for boot camp he makes his feelings known. He’s secretly had more than “friendship” feelings for Lexi for a long time. Unbeknownst to him she returns those feelings. After one night of passion he leaves the next day for bootcamp.

I loved Jace!!! *big time swoon* I loved everything about him. He’s pretty perfect if you ask me. Seriously! I can’t even say one bad word about him. He’s almost too perfect.

Lexi. I loved her too. I felt bad for her. Losing her husband at an early age was devastating to her. His last words to her before he died were a tough pill to swallow. Even though her husband Ty is dead at the beginning of this story I couldn’t help but wish that he wasn’t. From how he’s described he seemed like a pretty cool guy. 🙁

Jace and Lexi reconnect some 10 years after he left for bootcamp. Immediately they seemed to pick up right where they left off. This was a little bit unrealistic to me, but I was able to overlook this fact for the sake of this being a story about reconnecting with someone who you were so close too earlier in life and getting a second chance at love. I liked Jase and Lexi together. I thought they made a great couple. Lexi has a bit of problem with taking a chance on love again and that was understandable.

The sex. The sexual content in this story is well written, plentiful, and hot. I think Ms Teevan did an excellent job writing the scenes.

Overall, I really enjoyed Ignite. I was able to connect with the characters. I thought the plot was intriguing and it held my interest until the end of the story. I was a little bit sad when I actually reached the end. I wasn’t ready for it to be over. As far as a debut novel I think Ms Teevan did a fantastic job. I can certainly see myself re-reading this one again in the future.

Up next is book two entitled Incinerate which is Knox’s story. He’s mentioned a bit in Ignite and I found him to an interesting guy. He seemed somewhat jaded and I can’t wait to learn all about him.


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