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575737_10102249781032594_495968050_nMelanie and Erin are friends and sister-in-laws from Lansing, MI. We both spend too much time reading and decided that we should start a book blog so that we have some place to rant and rave to everyone about the books we are reading, the authors who are pissing us off (there is at least one right now! haha), and hopefully start discussions as well as new friendships with other people who like to read just as much as we do. 😉


Regina is from Texas but is South Bronx at heart. She’s a musician by day and moonlights as a psychoanalyst andRegina Profile Pic 2016 writer. She loves reading Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction, Non-Fiction, Biography, and Romance. Regina is a fan of Love-triangles/Pentagons/Nonagons- just all Love-polygons, really. (Don’t psychoanalyze that.) Regina uses punctuation like Paula Dean uses butter, and she loves to gush about her favorite books and ask authors awkward questions. Regina is the Fly (as in BALLER) assistant to Victoria Scott of the Dante Walker (Entangled Teen) and Fire and Flood (Scholastic) series. She’s an eclectic reader and an eclectic writer, so she will review just about anything (SMUT/Fan Fiction excluded). You can find freelance work by Regina on the Entangled Teen blog here, and on Scriptland here and here.Want Regina to blurb or promote your book? Want Regina to write content for your blog? Then you can contact her via email at clockbirdstar@gmail.com . Find Regina on Twitter: @clockbirdstar

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