Review: Two Lethal Lies by Annie Solomon

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Review: Two Lethal Lies by Annie SolomonTwo Lethal Lies by Annie Solomon
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On the run since his daughter was born, Mitch Turner has concealed a truth so dangerous, its discovery could jeopardize both their lives. But when a series of shocking murders hits their newfound home, the trail leads straight to Mitch. With the police out for blood and his daughter ripped from his arms, he has nowhere to turn--until a beautiful stranger offers her help.

Neesy Brown has made mistakes in her life, yet she refuses to believe this mysterious man is a killer. There's a strength in his broad shoulders that draws her to him and a weariness in his eyes that she longs to ease. As the murders tear her small town apart, she vows to help Mitch find his missing child. But a cunning predator is pulling them deeper and deeper into his fatal game. And the price of losing is the child--and the future--they could both share...

My thoughts…

Before I decided to read this book, I hadn’t heard of Annie Solomon or Two Lethal Lies. While browsing several blogs I ran across a few reviews for the book that were both positive and interesting. I decided I would take a chance on a new author since I love romantic suspense. I’m really glad I did.

Two Lethal Lies is a story about Mitch Turner and his young daughter Julia. They’ve been on the run since she was an infant, and they find themselves in the small town of Crossroads, Tennessee after Mitch rescues a girl from drowning.

I really liked Mitch; he’s a good father and hard worker. He’s kind hearted and an all around good guy. Julia is eleven and has only ever known traveling with her dad from one place to the next. It’s in the town of Crossroads where she decides to put her foot down and basically demands they stay and live there.

This story is well crafted, the plot was excellent. I found myself turning page after page to find out what happened next. The villain was a quite a character to say the least. When I think of him, I think deranged. He definitely has some problems.

I found a few situations within the book that were a little bit unrealistic, however, I was able to overlook them and can honestly tell you that Two Lethal Lies is truly an enjoyable read. So, if you like romantic suspense, then give Two Lethal Lies a try. You’ll be happy you did. I’m looking forward to reading more titles by Ms Solomon in the future.

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