Book Review: Sunny Daniels and The Tale of Tarot Cards and Movie Stars

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Book Review: Sunny Daniels and The Tale of Tarot Cards and Movie StarsSunny Daniels and The Tale of Tarot Cards and Movie Stars by Samantha Pearce
on 2013
Format: eBook
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Sunny Daniels is bored, so incredibly bored.After missing out on her chance to go to university, her dreams of becoming a big time film director are dwindling and the nightmare of working in her hippie mothers new age store for the rest of her life is quickly becoming her reality.When the chance to work as a runner on set for the latest teenage film craze comes up, the opportunity to get her foot in the door and spend two weeks in London feels like a dream come true.But she won' t be making it through her first day on the job, not if lead actor Nathan King has anything to do with it.

I came across this book when I was browsing through smashwords out of boredom. The description caught my eye and it seemed like something I would enjoy as I tend to enjoy books where the girl gets the famous boy. 🙂
The story takes place in London and the protagonist is 19 year old Sunny Daniels who longs to grow up and become a film director. She’s in London to do a two week work experience volunteering as a production runner on a movie set. Due to a no show, she is recruited as runner for Nathan King, the hot and young American, starring in the movie she’s working on.

Their relationship doesn’t start out too good and continues to go down hill with sarcastic remarks from her, and threats to her job from him.  She miraculously doesn’t lose her job and by the end of the first week of her work experience receives a very surprising and tempting offer of a lifetime.

“You never know. You could be one of them divas, you know, I can only wear the colour red and answer to the name Suzie.” – Sunny


This book is filled some some good british humor, a few good snarky comments, broken hearts and maybe a happily ever after. It’s a good read for a lazy day. 😀
I’m giving this book Three and 1/2 Stars (for now). The book needs to be re-edited in a major way and cleaned a bit and then I think it would be a much better book. I also think it needs a new cover, the current one doesn’t go with the book at all in my opinion.

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