The Lost Tapes: Conversation on The Collector by @VictoriaScottYA

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Our private conversation on Victoria Scott’s Dante Walker. We didn’t know we were being recorded!

Erin Westlund i’ll email you the html code to alter and post in your post next time you want to do that ;p i’m going back to dante now

Regina Vitolo Mader Ok, haha.

Erin Westlund I want to be Dante’s sweet girl mmhmm

Regina Vitolo Mader Yup. Told you.

Erin Westlund Haha

Regina Vitolo Mader I’m glad you liked it. I was afraid you wouldn’t haha.

Erin Westlund it took me a bit, because I felt bad for Charlie like after the party and shit lol but once dante started to realize she was beautiful in her own way i was like WOOHOO to both of them ;p

Regina Vitolo Mader I loved that Dante attitude right from the first page! It sucks that Charlie still made herself look different even though Dante was falling for her old self.

Erin Westlund she couldn’t help it though. Every time she did it, it got more painful to resist.

Regina Vitolo Mader Yeah

Erin Westlund and then the last time she did it to save him.

Regina Vitolo Mader Can’t wait to see what happens in the liberator! I better get that freakin arc and then I can forward it to you lol.

Erin Westlund hahah bitches!


Regina Vitolo Mader HOT DUDES and HOT PLOT and cool clothes
lol Oh, wait! How did you imagine Dante?! I totally imagined him as Pepe with 15 pounds of muscle added, lol.
Erin Westlund I dunno just a dark haired dude in skinny jeans and red chucks lol and shaggy dark hair.

Regina Vitolo Mader NEIN skinny jeans! Lol , that sounds lame. Dante likes to wear relaxed fit. But dried a little snug.

Erin Westlund I dunno he just seems like a skinny jeans dude lmao

Regina Vitolo Mader HELL NO. You need to reread Dante, RIGHT NOW! He’s a JOCK! No jock wears skinny jeans! That’s what Jamie Campbell Bower does!

Erin Westlund how the hell do you know? it’s been over 10 years since we were in High School LOL small jocks can totally wear skinny jeans lmao. Not all jocks are big and beefy lol

Regina Vitolo Mader dude. DUDE. I know Dante, ok!?

Erin Westlund pfft

Regina Vitolo Mader I made my hubs dress like Dante the other day. Black shirt, and nice dark, relaxed fit jeans. Just a tad snug on the bum. lol Dante has to have room to work it.

Erin Westlund pfft

Regina Vitolo Mader Did Charlie’s grandma remind you of your own? LOL. She reminded me of my friends grandma!

Erin Westlund My grandma is freakin’ crazy

Regina Vitolo Mader lolz. She would be alll over Dante wouldn’t she? I’m totally going to be a cougar grandma.

Ok, ok! I have to go watch my dvr’d PLL, and google pics of Henry Cavil in Immortals. BBL!

Erin Westlund lol bye


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