Death, Doom, and Detention by Darynda Jones

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Death, Doom, and Detention by Darynda JonesDeath, Doom, and Detention by Darynda Jones
Published by St. Martin's Press on March 5, 2013
Pages: 320
Format: eBook
Source: Amazon
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The normal part of Lorelei MacAlister' s life didn' t just slip away quietly the day Jared Kovach came to town. Nope. The normal part of her life shattered. It exploded. It burst into a gazillion shards of fleeting light.

It went out with a bang.

Goodbye normal.

Hello dark and eerie.

While her best friend, Brooklyn, is focusing all of her energy on helping Lorelei hone her abilities, Lorelei is dealing with the reality that Satan' s second in command has taken up residence inside her body. Oh, and the fact that she has a crush on the Angel of Death. But what a beautiful death it is. If those weren' t bad enough, something sinister has come to town and it wants nothing more than to hear Lorelei' s dying breath as it strangles it out of her. Thank goodness the gang has a supernatural champion. But what happens when the only being who can save them switches sides midstream? How can a group of misfits capture one of the most powerful beings ever created? And will they find out how to bring Jared back to them before it' s too late?

My favorite red-headed pixie chic is back full force in Death, Doom, and Detention. Many revelations (quite similar to the Book of Revelations)  left Lorelei with an identity crisis and warring emotions in Death and the Girl Next Door. She  found out the boy she’s in love with is the Angel of Death, her creepy stalker is her Nephilim body-guard, and there is a dormant demon residing in her. And that’s just a short list. Now, in Death, Doom, and Detention, things have started to boil over and Lorelei and her close crew are fighting for their lives.

A darkness has settled over their small town of Riley’s Switch, New Mexico and there is an impending feeling of doom at Lorelei’s school. One by one, the students are starting to act strange and withdrawn, only coming to life if it’s to fight. It brought to memory the movie Disturbing Behavior with James Marsden and Nick Stahl, but more sinister.  Jared and Cameron are more protective of Lorelei than ever, but things go awry when our handsome Angel of Death goes missing for several days and turns up bloodied and disturbed. There’s something sinister about Jared now, and Lorelei’s grandparents have been telling her he could be dangerous. Their point is proven in this book, to Lorelei’s dismay.


I really enjoyed this book as a break from the romance-centric books I had been reading lately. The dynamic between the character’s introduced in book one remains entertaining and clever in book two. The new information revealed about Lorelei’s past is ominous and heartbreaking, giving us insight to Lorelei’s role as the prophet and revealing who has a hit out on her. We are given a few sultry and sweet moments between Jared and Lorelei, but I wish we were given more. Death, Doom, and Detention is heavy on action and humor, especially between Jared and Cameron. Darynda writes paranormal fights that play out like the characters in a Super Street Fighter game. Blurring at each other with supernatural speed, and throwing brick breaking punches. Although written from a chic’s perspective, I think guys would really enjoy this series.

Darynda brought on the dark comedy full force, and I alternated between fits of laughter and the jitters which  made me feel as though I were possessed myself. I’m hoping for some EPIC Prophet/Angel of Death kissing scenes in the third book due out this October. I might go a little Azrael myself if Darynda doesn’t deliver. 😉

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