Psychological Analysis: Interview with Jennifer Armentrout + EPIC Giveaway!!!

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Jennifer L. Armentrout is the USA TODAY Bestselling author of the adult romance Gamble Brothers’ series, the young adult Lux Series and award winning Covenant Series. She pretty much writes everything—contemporary, paranormal, and fantasy. All of her books have one thing in common no matter the name or genre: kissing… and stuff. When she’ s not busy writing, which is never, she’ s usually hanging out with dog Loki, watching reruns of The Walking Dead, or procrastinating on the Internet.

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Jennifer Armentrout. We all know her as the chick who wrote the Lux series and the Covenant series, but what else do we know about this strange specimen of a woman? Unbeknownst to Jennifer, I was given the chance to pick her brain for a psyche test.  Because of the nature of a writer’ s work, I find it is imperative to do a psychological analysis of each author I come across. I’ m sharing this classified information with you for learning purposes only!

 Have you ever been abducted by aliens? 

Yes, yes, I have been abducted by aliens.

Do you believe extraterrestrials are out there?  

Absolutely.  Since I’ ve been abducted by aliens I have firsthand knowledge of extraterrestrials.  But, seriously, I think there is definitely a possibility that aliens exist.

Which Lux book has been your favorite to write so far?  I think Obsidian was probably my favorite since it was the first book in the series and I was introducing Katy, Daemon and the Luxen to readers for the first time.

Did you feel like you were cheating on the Lux when you wrote about the Arum? 

I didn’ t really feel like I was cheating because the Lux series is YA and Obsession is for adults.  If Obsession was a YA book, then I might have felt a little guilty writing about Hunter instead of Daemon.  But their characters are in very different places in their lives, so writing the two guys was vastly different.

If Daemon and Hunter were in a fight to the death, who would win?

  I’ m going to go with Hunter just because he is older and more experienced than Daemon.

Will Shadows ever be published in paperback form?

  There aren’ t any plans to publish Shadows in paperback right now.  That decision is made by the publisher, so it’ s possible that it could be released in paperback at some point.

Did you plan on writing a story about the Arum (Obsession) from the beginning, or did it recently come to you?

  I actually decided to write Obsession after I started getting requests to rewrite the Lux series for adults.  I didn’ t want to rewrite Daemon and Katy’ s story, so I decided to write about an Arum.  I liked the idea of writing in the same world, but giving it a different spin by showing another side to the story of the Luxen and the Arum.

Is there more in store for Hunter and Serena in the future for your fans? 

 Obsession is a standalone novel, so there won’ t be any more Arum books.  However, there is always the possibility that Hunter and/or Serena will make an appearance in the Lux series.

When I read the Lux series, I imagined a teenage version of you as Katy. Do you imagine yourself as Katy when writing the Lux books?

 I didn’ t imagine myself as Katy when I was writing the books, but I do tend to be sarcastic like Katy.  That’ s probably the biggest similarity between the two of us.

After meeting you and Pepe Toth at the Houston Daemon Invasion last year, I had a feeling that Pepe was secretly in love with you. Is this true!? (We won’t let your hubs read this interview)

  Oh, that’ s funny.  No, Pepe isn’ t in love with me.  But, he is a genuinely nice guy.  He’ s also a hottie.  I was so excited to have him at the release party with me because I think the readers enjoyed the opportunity to meet him.

If Daemon and Victoria Scott’s Dante Walker ever met in real life, would they be friends or foes?

I think that Daemon and Dante could respect each other, but there would always be competition between them just because of their cocky and sarcastic personalities.

If enemies, who would win in a fight?


When you officially became a published writer, were you scared of all the publicity/touring work that came with it, or did you look forward to it?

I wasn’ t scared of all of the publicity and touring, but I was anxious to travel by myself at first.  Now, it doesn’ t bother me because I’ ve done it so much.

Do you ever act out dialogue scenes you have written with your husband or Loki to see if they flow right?

No, I haven’ t even tried because I don’ t think my husband or Loki would be very cooperative.

Ok, time for the speed round! This part is meant to be sort of like the Family Feud speed round. I will say a word or ask a question and you answer with the first thing that pops in your head. Ready? Set. GO!

Turtles —cute

Robert Pattinson or Henry Cavil—Henry Cavill

The 80’s–hair

Favorite Movie–don’ t have one



Black Leather–sexy

Thanks for asking me to do the interview. 😉

Ding, ding, ding! Times up! Thank you so much for participating in this psyche analysis interview! 


This diagnosis was difficult. I have been mentally debating over the outcome for two months now, and felt it was imperative to share the test and results with you because Origin, the fourth book in the Lux series, is coming out on August 27, 2013. Of course, in retrospect, there are many more questions I would like to have asked to determine the state of Jennifer’s psyche, but I will commence with the information I have already collected.

Diagnosis: Jennifer has quirky and curious tendencies that have led her to Borderline Bad-Ass disorder.  It is obvious from the test results that she has strange taste in men, and would have been close friends with Albert Einstein. The name of her dog, Loki, is an indicator that she has a dark side, and could quite possibly sympathize with those who are interested in invading and taking over Earth. Let’s hope Jennifer continues to use her cognitive functions for good, and keeps all world domination plotting to her novels. 


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20 responses to “Psychological Analysis: Interview with Jennifer Armentrout + EPIC Giveaway!!!

  1. MeredithJ

    Great interview as always. I KNEW JLA had been abducted by aliens before! Totally explains everything 😉 Can’t wait for Origin! Daemon’s POV is a dream come true! Can’t wait to live in his brain!

  2. Kristen Reader

    I have read all the books in the Lux series! And I am BEYOND excited for Origin (and more Daemon)! ♥

  3. mckaykelly

    Love the Lux series! And her Covenant series. And her NA stuff. OKAY I LOVE EVERYTHING SHE WRTIES. and I’m dying to read Origin 🙂

  4. Crystal Leach

    I haven’t read any of her books yet. 🙁 they are all on my TBR but I just haven’t made my way to them yet! Hopefully I will soon because I hear so many good things about them all!

  5. Bridgett

    This interview cracked me up. I love Jennifer’s books. I stumbled upon them by accident about 8 months ago and have been snatching them up since. She has a wonderful writing style. Thanks for entertaining us Jennifer 🙂

  6. Donna Reynolds

    I have not read yet but have them on my wish list have want to read for awhile but have so many I was trying to get through some of them first to win singed copies would be the best Thank you so much for the amazing chance

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