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Magan Vernon is a Young Adult and New Adult writer who lives with her family in the insurance capital of the world. She is in a very serious, fake relationship with Adam Lambert and constantly asks her husband to wear guyliner. He still refuses. She also believes her husband is secretly an alien, disguised as a southern gentleman.
Her first book was independently published through an author cooperative in 2011; a YA Science Fiction book called How to Date an Alien that has consistently ranked int he top 100 in Amazon for Teen Science Fiction and Romance. Her first New Adult book, My Paper Heart, was published in 2012 and shot up the top of the Amazon best seller charts and surpassed expectations from all the people in 2009 that told her “A college aged character won’t sell.” Her next release is titled The Only Exception, coming in April of 2013. It’s political, New Adult, and everything that makes a girl swoon.

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Magan Vernon, or Mags as I like to call her, just might be the most famous person that you don’t know about. She’s been on the government’s radar since 2010 after possibly marrying an alien, but hasn’t let that keep her from writing some out-of-this-world fiction.  Unbeknownst to Mags, I was given the chance to pick her brain for a psyche test.  Because of the nature of a writer’ s work, I find it is imperative to do a psychological analysis of each author I come across. I’ m sharing this classified information with you for learning purposes only!

Have you ever been abducted by aliens? 

OMG. I’ m deathly afraid of aliens. I slept with a night-light until middle school for this exact reason. Luckily none of them found me and my night-light protected me.

What inspired you to write the My Alien Romance series?

I was walking around Borders with my cousin in 2010. There were a lot of vampires and werewolves in the paranormal books, but nothing different. I said, “I haven’ t read a good alien book in a while.” “She goes “Me neither.” So I said, “I’ ll write one!” And I took the things I feared and somehow made them smexy.

Haha. My Alien Romance series=MARs. Am I really clever, or did you plan that?

 I totes planned that. I have a fifth sense.

What character are you most like from MARs?

Alex Bianchi has a lot of my attributes. I’ m not as kick butt as her, but I have the whole Sicilian, quirky girl thing going for me.

Is there a specific reason you named Circe after the greek goddess of Magic?

 In The Odyssey, Circe was the god that seduced Odysseus and kept him away for his family for so long and hidden. Circe is supposed to be a place to keep aliens hidden and if there is seduction involved…

Did you a lot of research for this series, or is most of the technical stuff  b.s.? 

A ton, actually. There was a lot of watching Roswell, of course, for alien and human chemistry, but then there was technical research. I had to figure out what one would need at Circe for it survive as an alien operations center, how it should be laid out, and all of those details.

Do you have an extensive troll doll collection from your childhood?

 I despise trolls, too. They need to put some shirts on.

Have you developed a full Caltian language/alphabet? 

Not really. Most of the Caltian words are derived from Italian words or names of my family members. “Calta” is actually short for Caltagerone, which is a family name.

When did your obsession with ”guyliner” start?

 That one is hard to say. It probably was when I first saw Adam wearing it on American Idol…and the leather jacket with the spikes…and him singing Queen. Oh…um…sorry I need to be alone for a few minutes.

Would you still love Adam Lambert if he refused to dye his hair black, and left it red?

Me and Adam broke up recently. It’ s been a very sad few months. He just never loved me back after I loved…or stalked…him for years. I’ m with the Zesty Guy now.

I know that you’re a fan of the Roswell TV show. I was recently watching the episode The White Room (season 1, episode 21) where Isabel contacts Max telepathically and it seems as though she’s asleep when she does this. Did this episode inspire the “Sleep Creep” that your female Caltian are capable of doing in the Alien Romance books?

The sleep creep was actually inspired by Hunger Games. Katniss had all those nightmares that brought her to Peeta’ s bed and I had this crazy idea like “what if the capital was actually controlling her nightmares?”

I know How To Marry An Alien is ”edgier” than the rest of the books in the series, but have you considered writing an all NA Alien themed series?

This has been suggested MANY times. There was actually a full-fledged “love scene” between Alex and Ace that was cut. And another heavy petting scene. I have a lot of young readers and I had to still keep it in that realm. That said, there may or may not be an Ace novella that would be New Adult.

What inspired the ”world’s worst rapper dream” in How To Break Up With An Alien?

Justin Bieber. I think that’ s what he dreams about.

Do you think Aliens wear preppy clothes on their home planets, or does that just happen when they come to Earth? 

In my head, Ace is always naked when at home…I need a few minutes again.

How many licks ’til you get to the center of a blow pop? 

I never get that far. I’ m a biter.

Have you read any of the recent YA alien themed books?

I feel like my own books get compared to them too much and that bugs, so I have not. Well, no, I take that back. I read I am Number Four a few years back.

Do you think Jason Behr would look hot with ‘guyliner”? 

This image requires me to spend a few minutes by myself. Carry On.

Would you like to see MARs turned into a television series or film franchise?

I think it would be cool to see some alien kick buttness on the big screen. If someone wants to make that happen I do have an entertainment lawyer, so hit me up!

If you were just now writing MARs, what would you do differently? 

I think I would go full-fledged science fiction, New Adult and make Alex in college like I originally planned her to be. When I wrote the book NO ONE wanted NA (that’ s why my Paper Heart was shelved), so I couldn’ t do that.

Ok, time for the speed round! This part is meant to be sort of like the Family Feud speed round. I will say a word or ask a question and you answer with the first thing that pops in your head. Ready? Set. GO!

Polar Bears SOCKS.

Fuschia BEAR

Pelican Breif TOM CRUISE

The 1990’s I DON’ T CARE I LOVE IT.

Jason Behr or Adam Lambert? MAKE A MAGAN SANDWICH


Star Trek or Star Wars? CHRIS PINE


Chinese or Italian? ITALIAN

Gosh, I’ m awkward, sorry about my awkward responses.

Ding, ding, ding! Times up! Thank you so much for participating in this psyche analysis interview! 



*Twiddles thumbs. Looks around office…Throws glasses on desk, and slams fist down on patient file. Runs hand through hair, and sighs* Out of all my case studies, this one has perplexed me the most. How can someone who is so obviously crazy, be secretly famous and attractive!? Magan Vernon is a mystery of science. According to her analysis, she buries her desire to work as a celebrity make-up artist, under her desire to sell cars, under her desire to interview male models! Her flamboyant fascination with attractive men, alien smexy times, and artificial light suggest she believes that ITALIANS do it better. Whatever “it” may be. This patient could be a possible danger because her results indicate that she tackles things. Writing books, and metro-sexual males included. In conclusion, as long as Magan is permitted to play out the strange and aggressive workings of her mind with pen and paper, she poses no immediate threat to society. 

I hope you enjoyed our last diagnosis interview for Aliens Abducting August! We are closing this EPIC month with an even more EPIC Giveaway. ENTER TO WIN below for a signed set of Magan’s My Alien Romance series. And don’t forget to check out our Guest Reviewer, Meredith’s, reviews of the entire My Alien Romance series!

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    I love so many authors I don’t have any I would say to have next year I would not be able to go but it’s great you want to know who everyone wants Thank you for the great giveaway.

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