Saturday Night Shrine: Caleb Lane

Posted on October 5, 2013 by Regina | 0 Comments

I stumbled across Caleb Lane while doing research for The Academy series by C.L. Stone. I was developing my own private ”dossier” (as C.L. likes to call it) of boys that I found suitable for casting as the magnetic, magical 7 guys in her books. Nathan happens to be one of my favorite boys in The Academy series, and I needed to find someone extra special (and extra HOT) to fill his role for me in the flesh.

Nathan’s character is sweet, heroic, and just a little bit naughty. He also has a flare for martial arts. Aside from Caleb Lane’s good-looks and smoldering stare, he is a martial and musical artist. (Can it get any better than that?!) He was a perfect fit for one version of my Nathan.

As if my heart wasn’t a-flutter enough, I recently discovered a fan page for Caleb with videos of him singing and playing guitar. If I knew exactly where he lived, I would drive to LA from my house, and ask for an interview. He definitely seems like the kind of guy you want to interview in person. *wink, wink*  For your viewing pleasure, I dedicate today’s Saturday Night Shrine to Caleb Lane.Saturday Night Shrine: Caleb Lane

 You can follow Caleb on twitter here, and on Facebook here. You can check out my reviews of the first two books in The Academy series here and here, and become a fan of C.L. Stone on Facebook here.  Here is my first draft cast of the The Academy boys. Enjoy. 🙂

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