12 Days of Reviews & Giveaways: Heart Burn (Freak House #3) by C.J. Archer

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12 Days of Reviews & Giveaways: Heart Burn (Freak House #3) by C.J. ArcherHeart Burn by C.J. Archer
Series: Freak House #3
Published by Self Published on December 2013
Pages: 232
Format: eBook
Source: Amazon
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Time is running out for Hannah. With her life hanging by a thread and Tate trying to kidnap her, she finds help in an unusual quarter - the man who put the narcoleptic memory block on her as a child. Yet the powerful hypnotist may not be all that he seems. It's difficult to trust a man who regularly hypnotizes his wife against her wishes, and who is much too interested in Jack's unnatural abilities.

With so much at stake, the last thing Hannah and Jack need is to be apart. Yet they cannot touch each other if they want to stay alive.

This thrilling conclusion to the 1st Freak House Trilogy will take you on an emotional roller coaster full of twists, turns, highs and lows that you won't want to end.

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Jack Langley is going to BURN. IT. UP.

I’ve been carrying a torch for Jack Langley, and he set my heart ablaze in this last book of the 1st Freak House trilogy.

The race to find a cure for Hannah has emotions and tempers running high. The situation is dire. Tempers aren’t the only thing heating up. Time is running out.  Jack and Hannah’s desire for each other has reached fever-pitch. Will they be able to quelch the fire in Hannah’s veins before it consumes her?

Frankingham House, a.k.a Freak House is on edge. Heart Burn picks up right were Playing with Fire left off, and Hannah’s life is still in danger from Reuben Tate. After Hannah escaped unharmed from Tate’s attempted kidnapping of her, Jack’s resolve for keeping Hannah safe is the fuel that drives him through this story. If only that were the end of Jack and Hannah’s problems. Unanswered questions still linger about August Langley’s friendship turned sour with Rueben Tate, and Jack cannot desist about discovering his own origins. August refuses to give Jack answers, and wants to smother the flame that burns between Jack and Hannah, but why? August wants to push Samuel and Hannah together at all costs, but Hannah is on to his plan and takes things into her own hands.

Why so glum, Jack?
Why so glum, Jack?

The fire that circulates in Hannah’s veins has begun to ravage her from the inside out. Something is wrong, and Reuben Tate might be the only one who holds the key to the cure for her condition. Against Jack, August Langley’s, and Sylvia’s better judgement, Hannah has to consider working with Tate if she wants to survive. Samuel, our handsome hypnotist, may be the only one who can see things Hannah’s way.

Hannah watching Jack take a dip in the lake.
Hannah watching Jack take a dip in the lake.

I was sentimental going into this last book of the 1st Freak House trilogy, but C.J. Archer has a way of pulling you into a story, and making you forget yourself. I was dazzled by sleuthing escapades, dangerous encounters, dalliances, and dances. There is a lovely scene where all of our characters attend a ball, and I felt as though I attended it myself. Such careful and elegant detail is given to every aspect.

I don't want you to dance with other men, Hannah.
I don’t want you to dance with other men, Hannah.


Heart Burn is rich with seductive moments that pass between Jack and Hannah and mysteries involving the supporting cast. Every detail of a character’s appearance and demeanor has been branded on my brain because C.J. develops them so fully. The stock characters that rub elbows with our MC’s take on a life of their own, giving the story depth and never leaving a lull in the conversation.

The Ball
The Ball

As if I wasn’t in love with Jack enough already, he proves his loyalty, fidelity, and love to Hannah in the most attractive ways. I fell in love with him all over again in this novel and not just because of his dashing good-looks. He is truly Hannah’s knight in shining armor in Heart Burn, and will break a long-standing promise he made to himself to help her. His ardent love for Hannah knows no bounds, but does Hannah feel the same way after learning the story behind Jack’s parentage?

C.J. Archer keeps it classy in this last installment to the 1st Freak House trilogy. They’ll be no consummating in carriages for Jack and Hannah but they seal the deal in a way that’s sure to keep them out of scandal’s path. Most loose ends are tied up in this last book but just enough is left unanswered to pave the way for the next trilogy in the Freak House series. A devilishly clever secret is revealed at the end that utterly caught me by surprise.

This final novel in the trilogy was as lovely and lyrical as it was dark and mysterious.  Please check out C.J.’s wonderful website and subscribe to her newsletter to receive updates about the Freak House series. You can continue to enteract with the colorful characters from this series via C.J.’s tumbler blog. I adore this series and want to share it with EVERYONE however, only one person will win the full trilogy in e-book format. Enter below, and spread the word about the Freak House series.


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