REVIEW: Unravel Me

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REVIEW: Unravel MeUnravel Me by Kendall Ryan
Series: Unravel Me #1
Published by Self Published on September 22, 2012
Pages: 214
Format: eBook
Source: Purchased
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Psychology student Ashlyn Drake' s neat, orderly life takes a turn for the crazy when she finds the perfect subject for her amnesia thesis – a young man without any memory of his previous life, including the murder he' s accused of committing.

Against all common sense, Ashlyn' s drawn to him like a moth to a flame. Perhaps it' s that he' s so incredibly male, and even handcuffed to his hospital bed he could pass for a cologne ad – Scent de Insanity. Or perhaps it' s because she' s spent too many lonely nights studying. Either way, she' s determined to help him solve the mystery of his past. She begins to unravel who he was before, using his cryptic tattoos, and his paintings that scream of a dark past as her only clues. When she finally learns his secret there' s no telling which one is the real him, the gentle lover she' s fallen for or the troubled man with a dark past.

reviewMy thoughts…

Sadly I had to DNF this book. The plot for this story was really intriguing and I was really excited to start reading it. Not long after I started reading things started to go downhill though.

I feel like the relationship between Ashlyn and “Logan” progressed too quickly. Ashlyn put herself at risk with him time and time again. Here we have a young man who has lost his memory, who is accused of murder, and has been violent to hospital staff. Ashlyn overlooks all of that and hands over her trust in him completely. She put herself in situations with him that had warning bells and whistles going off in my head and because of that I couldn’t continue to read. There were certain aspects of the story that were unrealistic and sadly I’m disappointed that this book didn’t work for me. I really wanted to like it.


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