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Posted on March 20, 2014 by Erin | 0 Comments

Hey guys. We’re going to try and set up our own version of March of right now the name is MAN Madness. I don’t know if it’ll make it past nomination stage.. but I need nominations to try and take it past Nomination stage.. if I can get the ideas I have floating around in my head to work out..this will be really interesting! So for now if you have a favorite book boyfriend you’d like to nominate for a possible MAN Madness Tournament. Please feel free to fill out the form below.

You can nominate YA, NA or Adult Book Boyfriends. We’ll let them battle it out and we will see who comes out on top!

Feel free to nominate more than one character for each category we just ask that you nominate ONE AT A TIME. It will make our work going through the nominations easier.

This tournament will probably take place at the beginning of April. I will email any one who nominates their favorite characters with details as to when the tournament starts up. I will also contact those who wish to be a campaign manager(s) for their chosen characters as well as anyone who wants to be apart of the campaign TEAM. If you have questions or suggestions regarding this Tournament please feel free to contact me at

Thank you!

This Tournament is brought to you by MEReadALOT ( with support from Meredith & Jennifer’s Musings ( and Tween 2 Teen Books (


Fill the form out below or click here to fill it out.

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