REVIEW: Changing Course by Aly Martinez

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REVIEW: Changing Course by Aly MartinezChanging Course by Aly Martinez
Series: Wrecked and Ruined #1
Published by Self Published on January 29, 2014
Format: eBook
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I met Sarah Kate Erickson when I was twenty-one years old. I was lucky enough to keep her for seven years before a tragic accident stole her from me. She didn' t die, but sometimes I think it would have been easier if she had.

I lived in a haze for those four years after the accident. Catering to her every need, even though she hated the very sight of my face. I tried to hold on to her and the future that we were supposed to build together. But you can' t hold on to someone that doesn' t exist anymore.

It wasn' t until I met Jesse Addison, a barista at the local coffee shop, that I realized I didn' t just lose Sarah that tragic night, I lost myself as well. Jesse taught me how to let go of the past and learn to love again. But what happens when your past haunts your present and the woman you used to love refuses to accept the woman you can' t live without?


My thoughts…

I really liked this book. The storyline is unique and I was sucked in from the very first page. This is a debut novel so I really didn’t know what to expect. The reviews were good so I decided to give it a chance. I’m happy to say that I’m glad I did. I fell in love with the characters right away.

Changing Course starts off with Brett & Sarah’s story. You’ll learn how they met, how they fell in love, and also how things fell apart between them after a tragic accident. The relationship they shared was that of first love. And they were deeply in love. The playful banter between them cracked me up, but as I said before, a tragedy changed things for them.

Four years later Brett meets someone new. He’s reluctant to start anything and understandably so after all he’s been through in the past. But there is just something about Jesse that draws him to her. Even when he’s not even remotely interested in starting something.

I loved these two. The attraction was so strong between them. And given Brett’s past I wanted so badly for them to become a couple. Whereas Brett & Sarah shared that first love. I think Brett & Jesse loved on whole other level.

There’s a great twist towards the end that is set up in a way that took me by surprise. I thought I had it figured out, but like I said… I was surprised. I love it when authors write books this way. I’m a very analytical person. Normally I can figure things out before all is revealed so having this little twist added to the story and made it all the more enjoyable.

Overall, Changing Course is a fantastic read and I’m looking forward to reading book two which is due out late May.

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