Book Babe Battle Royale NOMINATIONS

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Hey everyone!! Remember when we did the Book Boyfriend Battle Royale? Remember how fun it was? Well we are going to try and do this again with the FEMALE characters of your favorite books! I’m going to be taking nominations until October 25th, 2014. We need to get at least 32 YA Book Babe nominations and 32 NA/Adult Book Babe Nominations. I’ve decided with the Book Babe Battle that we will be doing YA vs NA/Adult book babes.

After nominations have closed I will be looking for CHARACTER ADVOCATES. A character advocate is someone who, along with the other fans of said character, cheer on their favorite book babe in the tournament. You guys will be the Character’s cheerleaders! You will promote your character via your social networks, blogs, etc.

In addition to the Tournament between the characters we will also be having a BRACKET CHALLENGE like what was done with the Book Boyfriend Battle Royale. If you weren’t involved in our Book Boyfriend Battle Royale earlier this year, think MARCH MADNESS with brackets that anyone can fill out and join in the competition. We will be looking for authors or fellow book bloggers to help sponsor the prize pack for the person with the winning bracket at the end of the Tournament. If you’re interested in donating swag, books, ebooks, etc. to the prize pack, please feel free to contact us. Anyone who donates to the prize pack will have their blog banners/books(w/ buy links) displayed throughout the tournament in return!

One last thing: Join the Book Babe Battle Royale facebook Group to chat with other fans of your favorite female characters and to help cheer on your book babes!
And now for the nominations…..

To open the form up in a new tab, click here.


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