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A little bit more information on the upcoming Book Boyfriend Battle Royale:

We are celebrating our 2nd blogoversary in May by having our favorite book boyfriends battle it out to see who the best Book Boyfriend is. It will also be a contest for YOU GUYS as well.

Has anyone here even been a part of a NCAA College Basketball March Madness Bracket Challenge? You know, where you fill out a bracket, pick & choose College Basketball Teams hoping that you’ ll choose correctly to win the pot at the end of the challenge? Yes? No?

The BBBR is going to involve a Bracket Challenge just like March Madness. Everyone will be invited to fill out a bracket, picking their favorite book boyfriends (instead of college basketball teams).
What does all of that mean? When you fill out a bracket you are essentially predicting the outcome of the tournament, picking and choosing what book boyfriends will beat out other book boyfriends.

Registration for the Bracket Challenge will open up in the middle of April. Before registration begins we will be having preliminary voting to get the list of Book Boyfriends down to 32 YA and 32 NA+ Book Boyfriends. This year we are doing YA vs NA/Adult Book Boyfriends.
I’ve also decided that we are going to only allow one character per author in the tournament, though I will allow an author who writes both YA and NA+ to have ONE (1) Book Boyfriend in each category. For Example, Jennifer L. Armentrout writes both YA and NA so we might see Daemon Black as her YA Book Boyfriend and Cam Hamilton as her NA Book Boyfriend.

The reason why I’ve decided to do this is to let other lesser known book boyfriends into the tournament. Why you ask? Because one reason why we do this is to help you discover new books to read and new book boyfriends to fall in love with!

The Bracket Challenge Registration will close at the end of April and the polling will start on May 1st. At the end of the Book Boyfriend Battle Royale (which will run during the entire month of May) The person with the most points on their bracket (most correct guesses) will win the bracket challenge. We will have a prize to give away to the winner. Right now we’re at $35ish towards a gift card (amazon, b&n, or other book reseller. winner’s choice) and we have assorted swag donated by Isabel from We’re looking for sponsors/donations to try and raise the amount of the gift card, more information below regarding how you can become a sponsor during the #BBBR. 😉

Prize(s) up for grabs so far:
$(Final Amount TBD) Gift Card towards Winner’s choice of Book Retailer (Amazon/iTunes/BN/etc.)
Mixed/Surprise Swag Pack donated by Isabel @!

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Nominate your favorite book boyfriend now! Nominations will close on 3/29/15.
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Sponsor Information

We would like for EVERYONE to take part in the bracket challenge this year. We think the best prize to give away would be a GIFT CARD to the winners’ preferred book retailer (Amazon, B&N etc.) so that this giveaway can be INTERNATIONAL. I know that it costs quite a bit of money to send books/swag overseas so I think this would be the best way to allow everyone to join in on the bracket challenge.

Our starting amount for the gift card is $15, which is being put in by me(Erin). I would like to increase the amount of the gift card and to do that I am looking for donations of $5 from authors and fellow bloggers.

In return for your $5 donation to our Prize fund, we will advertise your blog (using your blog’s banner/button which will LINK to your website) or your book (if you’re an author and it will link to your book on your preferred retailer’s website). Your banners/covers will rotate throughout the month long Book Boyfriend Battle Royale on our website, specifically on all BBBR related pages (this includes the posts with the actual polls on it, which will see the majority of traffic throughout the month.) You will also be listed on the Sponsors page as well.

Last year during our first ever BBBR, our website saw over 68,562 page views and 49,494 of those were UNIQUE views. The best day that month we had 13,669 page views and 10,122 of those were unique! That is A LOT OF PEOPLE who will be seeing your site’s banner or your book cover! 🙂

Are you interested? Please fill out the form below. Upon completion of the form you will be redirected to a Paypal Donation page. If you have questions before you donate, please fill out this contact form found below the Sponsorship sign up form. 🙂

Can’t donate $5 but would like to donate “swag” (autographed bookmarks, buttons, etc.) or even e-copies of your book(s) to a swag prize pack,? Feel free to contact us through the contact form found at the bottom of the page? 🙂 Swag/E-Book donations will also earn you a spot in the blog banner/book cover ad rotation during the Book Boyfriend Battle Royale as well!

Not a blogger or author but would like to donate a $1 or $2 to the prize fund? You can! 🙂
Donate via PayPal here:

All DONATIONS will be put towards the PRIZE(S) for the Book Boyfriend Battle Royale.
If we get enough donations, there will be a Grand Prize for the Winning bracket and a smaller prize for the 2nd and 3rd best brackets!

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    Comments or Suggestions? 🙂

    Have any Questions? Contact us!





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