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Posted on May 20, 2015 by Erin | 0 Comments

Hey Dudes!

Let’s try something shall we..A Social Experiment? Ha, pun was totally intended with that. 😛
Let’s make Fridays all about getting our numbers up on Facebook!!! If you own a book blog and have a Facebook page, join us in the #FBHop!

Shall we include authors too? I guess we can do that. If you’re an author and want to get your numbers up and maybe gain some new readers, join our #FBHop!!

Link up via the Linky below and if you can be so kind, please share this with the world! Let’s get the word out! If this takes off, we will definitely be doing this every Friday! 🙂

P.S. This was totally inspired by Boost It! Tuesdays hosted by Candace’s Book Blog, Every Free Chance and If These Books Could Talk. Check out their blogs and join their next Boost It! Tuesday hop! Maybe we can really get our Facebook numbers up between the two hops! 😉

**Edit** I’ve decided that the first Friday we will be doing the actual #FBHop will be Friday, May 29th. Hopefully we can use the time leading up 5/29 to get the word out about the #FBHop and get as many blogs involved as we can!

Did you link up? If you’d like to, please post about this on your blogs and add the link up code (below) to your post!
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