Book Boyfriend Battle Royale – Swoony 16! Matches 1 & 2 – VOTE NOW!

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We’ve narrowed it down from 64 Book Boyfriends to the SWOONY 16! Please vote for your favorites below! 😉

PLEASE, only ONE (1) Vote per person, per poll. The polls are set up to only allow a person one vote on them. I know there are ways around this, but can you guys PRETTY PLEASE (with sugar on top) not do that?
After you’ve voted, please feel free to comment below and tell us who you voted for and why. 😉 Or if you want, join the Book Boyfriend Battle Royale Discussion Group on Facebook!

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Tobias “Four” Eaton vs Dean Holder


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What fans love about Four…
The thing I love about Four is that he doesn’ t sugar coat anything for Tris and even though he can be tough on the outside you still know that he’ s sweet on the inside and that he loves Tris. -Anonymous

Tris and Four
Pure Love!
Yes, I’ m romantic 😀 But the way how Tobias treats her is just amazing. Although I sometimes thought that the reactions while arguing are a bit exaggerated. Drama, baby!
Tobias is also a character I adore. I love Four, the cool instructor guy, tattoos, knifes and guns, yeehaa! But I love Tobias so much more. He sees the world in a different way, like there’ s more than just the faction. I feel his divergence more than with Tris, although hers stronger.
Well, whatever they do.. Together they’ re a dream team! – Alexis (from DivergentFans)

The way he loves Tris through everything and always puts her first no matter what. – Rachel 




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What fans love about Dean Holder…
I just have to say Dean Holder swoon holy hell am I swooning. – Glenna

Holder was an amazing boyfriend!!! – Amy

Holder is an adorably sweet and deep book boyfriend. – Jennifer

I loved everything about him. From his dimples to his bad boy persona. He captivated me from the start. Also the way he loved Sky and never gave up on her. – Rachel


Travis Maddox vs Colton Donovan


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What fans love about Travis Maddox…

The way he intensely loves Abby and the way he always fights for her and their relationship. – Michaela 

Travis is a MMA fighter who falls completely in love with a good girl. He will do everything and anything to make her happy. – Anonymous

I love how much he changed for Abby, and not because he had to because she instantly made him want to be a better person. – Brandi

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What fans love about Colton Donovan…

Colton Donavan. Arrogant. Alpha. Adonis. Reckless. Trouble. He’ s a love ‘em and leave ‘em kind a guy, but all expected behaviors within the confines of the arrangements he makes with women. They know they won’ t get a thing beyond a good time. But when curly-haired, curvacious and fiery Rylee Thomas barrels into his life, he too is unexpectedly unsettled and with every push of hers, he can’ t help but pull her in. It’ s not until Colton exhibits some kindness, however, that Rylee gives him an honest chance. Perhaps this is her opportunity to begin letting go, slowly, of a past she’ s unable to forget. – Vilma’ s Book Blog

If you love the broken alpha male type you’ re going to love Colton. It’ s endearing to see him trying to understand all these new feelings, and despite some agitations he brought me through the book, where I just wanted to slap him, it has impossible not to fall for him. –Catarina

Hot race car driver with a sexy body, dirty mouth, fast talking, but yet the sweetest & easiest man to fall in love with! Love love love Colton! – Robin

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  1. Colton is one of my favorite book boyfriend, love the way he learns what love can mean to someone and how he helps with the boys Ryle works with in helping them to make it in life

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