Book Boyfriend Battle Royale – The Final 2 Book Boyfriends!!! VOTE NOW!

Posted on June 5, 2015 by Erin | 11 Comments

We started out with 67 Young Adult Book Boyfriends and 80 New Adult+ Book Boyfriends before we narrowed it down to 64 (32 YA and 32 NA+) book boyfriends in the preliminary round of voting. After weeks of polls, we’re down to the last TWO BOOK BOYFRIENDS!

Are you ready to vote to see who the BEST BOOK BOYFRIEND IS?!! Here we go!

Polls will be open until 11:59 PM est Sunday 6/7/15! Vote for your favorite book boyfriend now!

PLEASE, only ONE (1) Vote per person. The polls are set up to only allow a person one vote on them. I know there are ways around this, but can you guys PRETTY PLEASE (with sugar on top) not do that?
After you’ve voted, please feel free to comment below and tell us who you voted for and why. 😉

Dean Holder vs Jared Trent


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One last thing before you go… we’re wondering if you’d be interested in doing something similar to the Book Boyfriend Battle Royale in the future for your favorite FEMALE CHARACTERS? Answer here on this poll on our Facebook page! 😉 Thanks!


11 responses to “Book Boyfriend Battle Royale – The Final 2 Book Boyfriends!!! VOTE NOW!

  1. Nikki

    Jared may be an asshole at times, but the passion between Tate and him is so electric, and they are meant for each other that push and pull magnetism kept my heart racing the whole time. Where Holder and Sky I love them as a couple the way Dean takes care of her makes my heart melt, but who doesn’t love a bad boy 😉 (Jared Trent) … Actually all the fall away boys! Lol

  2. Tracy

    Not sure if this quiz is working or not. My sister and I are out to dinner with friends and we all checked our facebook because we are obsessed with social media. I did my vote first and it said I was vote 740 my sister voted right after me and she is also vote 740, my cousin also vote 740, a friends vote 740. The total votes is staying at 1498, not sure if this is happening with anyone else. None of us have voted before and we all are using different phones/carriers

      • Tracy

        No, this was the first we saw this poll, but maybe it was where we were located at, because others in the author group I am in on Facebook says it has gone past 740 so all I can come up with is location. Weird!!

  3. Jenny

    Jared! Angst is a HUGE driving force for me with books… I need it. Jared and Tate had it in spades. Their chemistry was off the charts, and the kind I can only wish for (I’m obsessed. Thank you, Pen!). Sky and Holder are great, but they were sweet to Jared and Tate’s sexy, and book boyfriends should be sexy.

  4. Dawn Charles

    Such a tough choice, but Dean won my heart!!! Can’t get enough of colleen! Love every one of her books

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