Psychological Analysis: Enchantress of Paris Author, Marci Jefferson

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Marci Jefferson’s passion for history was sparked while living in Yorktown, Virginia, where locals still tell Revolutionary War tales. She now writes about remarkable women in history who dared to defy powerful men. – See more at:
Girl on the Golden CoinEnchantress of Paris cover
Marci Jefferson’s debut novel Girl on the Golden Coin caught my eye earlier this year and after reading it, I had some pressing questions about her mental state. I thought on them for a while and considered reaching out to Marci and offering her a psyche-eval pro bono but, after the release of her latest novel, Enchantress of Paris, St. Martin’s reached out to me in the hopes that I could make sure Marci’s brain was ready for the tremendous amount of fame and success Enchantress of Paris would garner her. I was more than happy to oblige and felt that Marci might benefit from this totally sneaky completely legit psychological evaluation. Remember- I’ m sharing this classified information with you for learning purposes only! You can read Marci’ s responses to my specifically formulated questions below. Proceed with caution.
Confidential Stamp
1. What female historical figure would you have been in a past life?
Edith Cavell, the British nurse who defied the Germans occupying Belgium during World War One by helping allied soldiers escape. I’ ve been a nurse for seventeen years, and I can only aspire to be as selfless as Edith was, though I certainly am as stubborn.
2. Do you find men in Colonial dress or Edwardian dress more attractive?

colonial man                                                                Edwardian man

     Colonial Man                                                                   Edwardian Man
As pretty as a Colonial Man is in his lace and tights, an Edwardian man is—well—more manly!
3. One of my guilty pleasures is jumping out from behind things and scaring people. What’ s one of yours? (Please be candid. Your secret is safe with me!)
70% dark chocolate. At least one square. Every. Day.
4. If BBC hired you to write an episode for Doctor Who, what would it be like?
Considering I write novels set in vicious royal courts, my episode might end up looking like a romp through the period costume gown department of a theater company. But in all seriousness, I’ d use the TARDIS to intervene in some of the witchcraft persecutions of the past centuries.
5. So far, you have written about two strong, often overlooked, women in European History. Will you venture across the pond in an upcoming novel and write about an American woman?
I would love to write about an American, and actually have some ideas…top secret though!
6. Have you ever sniffed the pages of a book or magazine in a public place?book-sniffingOh yes, I’ ve totally done that! How did you know?
7. If your significant other was harboring an epic secret, would you prefer it to be that they were a Vampire or a Werewolf?If it is not possible to hybridize the Vampire/Werewolf here, a la Klaus from The Originals, I’ m going to invent a door number three and say…Warlock.
8. What is one monumental choice you would have made differently than Marie Mancini, your heroine in the Enchantress of Paris?I admit that in Marie’ s place I would have been very tempted to jilt my Roman Prince at the altar and stay behind in France as the Sun King’ s mistress (I mean, come on, he’ s the most iconic king in history!). But Marie left King Louis because she believed his love for her wasn’ t strong enough. You’ ve got to respect a woman who respects herself!

9. Do you ever read Young Adult fiction and if so, would you ever consider writing a Young Adult novel?

I do, and I would!

10. If Betty Crocker asked you to create your very own signature frosting flavor for their brand, what would it be?

Salted chocolate caramel.

11. Are you a “by the seat of your pants’ ‘ writer or a very methodical, “strict writing schedule” kind of writer?

I hate to admit that I still don’ t know which I am. I do plot and plan and research a ton (perhaps more than I ought). But I write when, where, and however I must.

12. It’ s 1776 in the Colonies and you find yourself struggling to flee the fire that has engulfed your farmhouse. When you make it outside, Ian Somerhalder, as a Colonial Rebel, and Chris Hemsworth, as a British Redcoat, are both reaching out their hands to you, offering you a ride to safety on their horses.

Who. Do You. CHOOSE?

Ian Rebel                                                                Chris Red Coat

            Rebel Ian                                                                                          Red Coat Chris

This has to be the hardest interview question I’ ve ever been asked! Considering that I lived in Yorktown most of my childhood and am a rebel myself, I would probably opt for Ian Somerhalder. But I would do my darnedest to turn Chris Hemsworth to my side!

Now, it’ s time for the Speed Round section of the interview. Please answer with the first word or phrase that comes to mind after reading each word/phrase. Ready? Set. Go!


I started reading Anne Rice when I was in 7th grade. Louis and Lestat were my Edward and Bella.

King George III


Italian or Spanish?


Historical Author

The best kind

Kim Kardashian

Facial contouring

Favorite Actor

Too many to choose


Lone star

Spandex or Polyester?

Cotton, please.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Time’ s up. Thanks so much for participating.


After much inebriated and sanctimonious deliberation, I’ve gained much insight into the mysterious mind of Marci Jefferson. It is clear to me that she misses her childhood days practicing Wiccan Magic in her attic and her obsession with wild Historical women points to the Freudian-esque conclusion that she narrowly escaped having to go to Catholic school as a teenager. Marci’s interest in blood and anatomical ailments leads me to believe that she is outraged by how many times Kim Kardashion has gone under the knife, and that she is likely to have a barn of stray black cats in the future. Despite these troubling factors, Marci’s salty and sweet taste preferences and her willingness to admit getting high on book pages in public gives me hope for her extremely talented condition. I do not see Marci as a threat to society and believe that she will be able to keep her page sniffing and caramel eating propensities under control in the event of her mounting fame and success. I APPROVE Marci’s competency to continue writing about Historical women.

Stop by tomorrow, Tuesday, August 18, 2015 for my review of Enchantress of Paris and an GIVEAWAY!

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About Marci

Marci grew up in a nomadic Air Force family, inspiring her interest in culture and travel. But her passion for history sparked while living in Yorktown, Virginia, where locals still tell Revolutionary War tales.

Her friends found it odd when she was the only one who didn’ t complain on field-trips to Jamestown colony, and collecting headstone rubbings wasn’ t exactly considered a cool hobby. She’ ll never admit to hopping the wall at the Colonial Williamsburg Governor’ s Mansion after dark just to explore the moonlit gardens, but she did spend days roaming battlefields and visiting forgotten plantation homes.

Moving from place to place through the years, she kept a love of writing and scores of short stories to herself, eventually setting them aside to pursue the more “practical” path of becoming a Registered Nurse.

Marci survived learning drip-calculations and care-planning, graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University, then applied her writing skills to hospital documentation. Soon she immersed herself in a Quality Assurance nursing career and wrote dry Policy and Procedure manuals. Years and a few children later, she decided such writing lacked the sweeping adventure she longed for.

Marci now writes about remarkable women in history who dared to defy powerful men. She resides in the Midwest with her husband and two children in a house full of books and toys.

– See more at:


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  1. This is amazing! I think you should do these every day, really. I’ll grab authors, drag them on over, and you can analyze them all. Plus, with all the debut authors, we will never run out of fodder. Just saying. Now, I do think it is cruel of you to make Chris Hemsworth the redcoat, because how are we supposed to choose? We say Hemsworth, and the FBI comes knocking. We say Somerhalder and… we’re lying 😉 But no, this is too much fun! I must check out the books now, I love the sound of them!!

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