The Stardust Series by Autumn Reed & Julia Clarke

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Hi! We’ re Autumn Reed and Julia Clarke, co-authors of The Stardust Series, and we’ re thrilled
that our guys (“Knox + Co”) were nominated for the 2017 Book Boyfriend Battle hosted by Me
Read A Lot blog. And, yes, you read that correctly—guys, plural.
As you probably noticed, there are several brackets with a grouping of book boyfriends,
including Lily’ s Boys, the Abcurse Brothers, and Nora’ s Boys. That’ s because they’ re characters
from books in the reverse harem (or RH) sub-genre of romance, a rich category full of amazing
stories ranging from young adult to adult and contemporary to sci-fi. If you’ re interested in
exploring a world where the main character is surrounded by a group of amazing guys, each of
whom could easily be her dream guy on his own, check out The Stardust Series at

All Haley Jones wants for her eighteenth birthday is answers. Thanks to an overprotective dad
and a secluded existence in the Sierra Nevada wilderness, Haley has never experienced a
typical life. Her dad claims there’ s a good reason for their isolation, but he refuses to tell her
why, delaying her questions with the promise of answers when she turns eighteen. That day has
finally arrived, but the explanation raises more questions than answers. And when Haley wishes
for the chance to explore the world, she may find that the old adage rings true—be careful what
you wish for.



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  1. Jennifer

    My favorite genre. My favorite boys. Now my problem is I’m a #whychoose girl having to choose between my favorite groups of boys! Love the Stardust books.

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