Book Boyfriend Battle – Second Round – Day Two

Posted on August 15, 2017 by Erin | 1 Comment

Welcome to polling for Day 2 of the Second Round of the Book Boyfriend Battle! Please remember only ONE VOTE per poll, per person! No cheating and mass voting of any kind, PLEASE?! Thank you!

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Jump to: Knox + Co vs Silas (Seraph Black) | Reed Royal vs The Academy Boys (Scarab Beetle)
Cam Hamilton vs Travis Maddox | Gideon Cross vs Mason Kade

Knox + Co(Click for Book Information)
VS. Silas (Click for Book Information)

Reed Royal (Click for Book Information)
VS. The (SB) Academy Guys (Click for Book Information)


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Cam Hamilton (Click for Book Information)
VS. Travis Maddox (Click for Book Information)



Gideon Cross (Click for Book Information)
VS. Mason Kade (Click for Book Information)


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One response to “Book Boyfriend Battle – Second Round – Day Two

  1. Lanette sarte

    I love Masan Kade and Travis Maddox. Im also a fan of Gideon Cross but Mason was a winner against him.

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