Requiem: A Netflix series review because OMG, this show is AMAZING.

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I experience an urge to be scared witless from a book or film twice a year, usually in October and during the summer.

It’s not quite summer, but I couldn’t resist checking out the new Netflix series Requiem. Long story short: this show was a gripping piece of art infused with suspense, psychological terror, Welsh mythology, and muted horror. I highly recommend adding it to your queue/watching it right away.

Requiem (2018)

My abbreviated plot synopsis: The career of a young woman at the brink international fame is derailed when her mother mysteriously dies, revealing a string of clues that lead the woman to a small Welsh town harboring a dark secret.

The actors: Gah! Watching this series was incredibly refreshing, not only because of the originality of the plot, but because of the diverse cast. The actors were as captivating as the storyline.

The setting: A small Welsh town–need I say more? Simply put, it was breathtaking.

The plot/story: Addictive.

From a film critics perspective, I would say that this series rates high on entertainment value. It’s a nice, dark and distracting break from politics and the other horrors of our daily global reality right now, ha. I haven’t seen The Missing, but since Requiem is by the same creators, it’s safe to assume that you will enjoy this series if you enjoyed the latter.

As for the pacing, this series is a slow burn. You will finish a few episodes and think This could definitely have been edited down to a 15 minute episode, but then all of the artistic value would be lost. This show is truly a work of art. Everything from the soundtrack, cinematography, and setting had a special feel to it. The end of the series was just WOW. Like with a favorite book, I was so bummed when it ended and frustrated that there wasn’t a second season I could watch. I did a little online research to see if the story will be continuing, and there was no conclusive answer. There were, however, several debates about whether or not a season two would ruin the utter perfection of the series as a standalone season.

I am not even really sure what books to recommend that are similar to Requiem. If you have some recs, I would love to hear them!

You will definitely want to binge Requiem, but I recommend only watching one episode a night to delay the ending and inevitable comedown after finishing a great series. Have you watched Requiem? If so, I would love to hear your thoughts on it in the comments section.

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