Dr. Green

I was still sitting on the desk when the door handle rattled. I stilled, my heart in my throat, worried it might be another teacher or even Mr. McCoy. The door unlocked and Dr. Green walked in. He was wearing a dark blue shirt, a yellow tie, and tan slacks. His sandy-colored hair hung down about mid ear. There was a soft scrap of facial hair along his jaw, as if he left it unshaven on purpose. It looked incredible.

He stopped mid-step when he spotted me. His lips parted and he smiled. “There’s my little pumpkin. You skipped my class.”

“Sorry,” I said. “Mr. Hendricks called me down.” I felt weird sitting on his desk so I started to slide off.

“Don’t get up,” he said. He closed the door behind himself. “I just need to get ready for work.”

My eyebrows lifted. “Work?”

“Can’t play all day, ” he said. “The hospital needs me.”

“You go straight from here to the hospital?”

“Unless you want me to stop somewhere else on the way,” he said. “Why? Did you want to go somewhere?”

“I…uh,” I didn’t know how to respond. I suspected he was trying to tease me in a friendly way.

He beamed at me. “When you think of something, tell me.” He turned toward his desk, opening one of the lower drawers. He yanked off his yellow tie, dropping it into the open drawer and started unbuttoning his shirt.

“Oh, uh,” I said, and glanced at the wall. “Did you need me to go?”

He touched the top of my knee. “Stay put. I’m just tired of this shirt. It smells like that classroom. Which is to say, it’s like kid sweat and chalk dust.” He slipped the blue shirt off of his shoulders, revealing the white cotton T-shirt underneath. He unstuffed the lower hem out of the inside of the pants to let it hang down. I caught the thin line of blue boxers starting at his hips before the hem covered them and they disappeared.

I bit my lip. Dr. Green’s arms flexed as he moved, collecting his shirt and folded it to place in the drawer. As he bent forward, the lean muscles of his shoulders and chest flexed in a flattering way in the thin white shirt.


My cheeks heated, but I started to open up, scooting close to the edge. He nudged me to stand before wrapping his arms around my shoulders. I pressed my  hands to his back. Since he was wearing the thin white shirt, I felt the muscles at his chest and back. My heart thundered..”

He sighed against my hair. “Be good. Listen to the boys. Try not to get them into any trouble.”

I scoffed. “I don’t do that.”

“Sure,” he said, in a tone like he didn’t believe me. He released me and patted his palm to my cheek, with that easy going smile on his face. “If I stay here another minute, I’ll probably get into trouble.”

“What do you-”

“Bye!” He waved shortly and headed to the door, leaving me to wonder what he meant.

The Academy-Forgiveness and Permission-Dr.Green



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