Kricket Glossary


Etharian Glossary for the book Under Different Stars (Kricket Series #1) by Amy A. Bartol

(Note: You’ll see some words listed here that were NOT in Under Different Stars. Amy A. Bartol provided us with those words as it is possible they will be used in Sea of Stars or Darken The Stars.)


Alameeda House of Ethar
Baw-da-baw War Cry
Blushers Single women?
Cavars Soldiers
Chester Man who forces himself on a woman.
Circas of Vistas  Circa = measurement of volume (like ML). Vistas = Drug or Narcotic.
Clicks Measurement of Distance (miles)
Comantre House of Ethar
Commodus The toilet room
Crike Measurement of time (About 50 human years).
Crue Pneumonia type Etharian illness.
Crystal (slang) cool?
Deet 1/2 a year
Dicrons Measurement of Distance (Meters).
Draks Degrees. 42 is normal is like 70 degrees.
Dreykar Minor Royalty
Fadrooms Etharian Currency
Fazeria Wine / Champagne / Alcoholic Beverage
Fitzmartin Wednesday
Fleats Minute
Floan Year
Fritzer Game of Chance
Hordabus Plant Aloe like plant that helps with rapid healing.
Inamorata Female Lover
Inamorato Male Lover
Jade 100 Years
Keuken Kitchen
Knob Knocker Liar who accosts women for his own gain.
Lavare Powder Room/ Bathroom
Link Measurement of Distance (6 feet)
Part Hour
Peney House of Ethar
Polar (slang) hot/sexy?
Rafe House of Ethar
Recurve Crossbow
Rotation Day
Saer Saber-Tooth Tiger
Soothsayer Diviner of Truth
Speck Month
Spix Horse-like creature.
Syndic Units of Soldiers
Turk Measurement of weight. (Pound)
Venish  Type of Meat (Like Venison).
Wester Woman who forces herself on a man.
Wigg Lawyer
Wurthem House of Ethar

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