“You’re the strangest girl I’ve ever met.”

Somewhere in the back of my mind, I was still thinking of the camera. I slipped my fingers down slightly to the nape of his back, but kept watching him. “I can’t be that weird.”

His eyeberows lifted. “You just helped me break into a house and got shot at and you’re batting those sweet eyelashes at me like this was a date. I think most girls would have thrown a fit and demanded to be taken home the moment I said ‘break in’.”

My hands lowered until my palms rested on his hips. “Should I throw a fit now?”

“A little too late,” Luke said. His hands mimicked mine, his fingers wrapping around my hips. He lowered his head closer until our noses almost touched. “But if you like it that much, maybe next time I take you out, we’ll do it again.”

I hooked my thumbs into the belt loops of his jeans, my fingers resting on the crests of his butt. I was suddenly very aware of how close we were. My luring him in so I could take the camera, it had him within a fraction of an inch of his mouth meeting mine. My heart was thudding again, too nervous to move my fingers down. “What would we do next time?”

Luke’s smile warmed. “Well, maybe we’ll make like Bonnie and Clyde and take out a bank.”

“Sounds dangerous.” I dared to slip my fingers down a little toward the pocket.

“You don’t seem scared by the idea.”

I was terrified he was serious, but glad he seemed distracted. “You don’t seem scared, either.” I slipped my fingers into his pocket.

His hands slipped over my cheeks again, until his fingers entwined into my hair, holding me steady. “Normally I’m not. Maybe I am a little….with you.”

My fingers caught the rectangle edges, and I started to lift slightly.

“Why with me?” I asked, but slid my eyes down until my focus was completely on his mouth.

Luke’s lips parted. “Those eyes are dangerous.”

“Dangerous?” I whispered, and let my eyes lift to meet his. I clutched tighter at the plastic, slipping it up an inch until the edge was out of his pocket.

“Tempting,” he whispered in return. “I told you before I wanted to steal a kiss.”

My fingers stopped, now I was getting distracted. “Is that what you want now?”

His head tilted down, until his lips hovered a breath away from mine. “Sang?”

“Yes, Luke?”

“You are….” he breathed, and paused, his eyes closing.

My heart raced and my whole body froze. “Hm?” I urged, unsure of how to move or what to do next. Was he really going to? I was overwhelmed. I wanted it.

“You are so beautiful,” he started again, paused and suddenly his head drew back, and he spoke in a normal voice, “but you’re the absolute worst pickpocket I’ve ever seen.”

The Academy-Drop of Doubt- Luke


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