The light from his closet was on and a figure stirred in his bed. The maroon covers were pulled away. Nathan appeared, a hand pushed to his face, rubbing. I was glad he was home. I’d been half worried he’d gotten called into work, too, and I made the trip for nothing.

When I tapped again, he glanced over, sitting up and covered himself at the hips with the blanket. He carried the blanket with him, crossing the floor. He yanked the string to raise the blinds. His bare chest and stomach were exposed. I found myself doing a double take, staring in awe at the definition. He blinked out at me and with one hand he unlocked the window and started to slide it open.

“What are you doing here?” he said, his voice gruff with sleep. “I can’t sleep,”  I said, trying to avoid looking at his hips. Was he in his underwear?

He huffed, grinning and shaking his head at me. He thrust the window all the way open. He released it and held out his hand, palm open and waiting. I grabbed it, and he helped me get over the high wall and in through the opening. I landed on the carpet.

He clutched the blanket, shifting it higher on his waist. “Turn around,” he said. “Face the window.”

I did, and closed the window for him and locked it back. Through the reflection against the pane of glass, I watched as he moved toward the closet. With his back to me, he released the blanket, letting it feather to the floor.

My heart stopped dead and I lost the breath I’d been holding. His bare, fit butt matched the rest of him in exquisite, reflected detail.

I blushed, turning my eyes away to focus instead on the shadows outside. I was embarrassed to have peeked, but I knew the image would be ingrained into my mind forever. Another secret.

The Academy-Friends VS. Family- Nathan

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