Review: The Note by Teresa Mummert

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Review: The Note by Teresa MummertSuicide Note by Teresa Mummert
on March 12, 2013
Pages: 336
Format: eBook
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Sometimes in life it feels like everything that can go wrong does, but everything happens for a reason. A relationship crumbles so someone else can mend the pieces of your broken heart. A change of plans can lead you to something you didn' t even know you were missing. You help others and discover that it was you who needed to be helped all along.

Jenn' s life is nothing as she had imagined it would be. She is twenty-something with a failing career and her love life has officially ended with an ultimate act of betrayal. She is ready to throw away her dreams when a chance run-in with a soldier, dealing with his own misfortunes, alters her course and changes her perspective on life.

My thoughts…

This is the second book by Author Teresa Mummert that I’ve had the pleasure to read. I really enjoyed this story. She has a great writing style and I’m addicted to reading her books. Her stories draw you in from the beginning and keep your attention until the very end.

I loved both Jenn & Shane. I thought they were good for each other and good together. The attraction between the two of them was apparent from the beginning. Even though they didn’t set out to develop more than just a friendship in the beginning I was glad things progressed in that direction for them.

The secondary characters were all very interesting. In the beginning I didn’t care for Jenn’s sister Gail, but eventually I came to have a change of heart.

The sexual content is adult mainstream in nature. It’s not overly explicit. I will say that the hero and heroine have unprotected sex. I’m not really a fan of characters having unprotected sex, but I do realize that certain things happen for the sake of the story.

Overall, I loved Suicide Note. It’s an emotional read at time, but worth any tears you may shed while reading it.

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