The Wild One (Roswell High #2) by Melinda Metz

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The Wild One (Roswell High #2) by Melinda MetzThe Wild One by Melinda Metz
Series: Roswell High #2
Published by Simon Spotlight Entertainment on December 1, 1999
Pages: 176
Format: Paperback
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Dangerous love... Isabel: From the moment she hears the roar of Nikolas' motorcycle, she's hooked. This new guy in town seems to understand exactly how she feels and thinks, exactly what she needs. He's someone willing to let her be what she was born to be...the wild one.

Alex: He's jealous of Isabel's new boyfriend. Worse, he fears that Nikolas is dragging Isabel deeper and deeper into danger. If Isabel's not careful, Sheriff Valenti will discover the truth about her. And if that happens, no one from Earth will be able to save her....

I really enjoyed The Wild One, book two in the Roswell High series. It basically picks up right where The Outsider left off, and we are introduced to a new character named Nickolas. Now, if you have watched the Roswell show and read the books before, you know that the Nickolas in Melinda’s book is very different from the one in the show. Just as our three alien-hybrids, Max, Michael, and Isabel, are getting comfortable with Liz, Maria, and Alex knowing their secret, a handsome stranger comes into town, and he has his eyes set on Isabel. Alex and Isabel developed some great chemistry at the end of The Outsider, and Alex is hopeful that they have a future together. But when Nickolas sweeps Isabel off her feet, Alex isn’t the only one who develops a grudge against him.

Max and Michael have been noticing strange bursts of power, and Isabel has been denying using her abilities. There’s something off about this new guy, and we soon come to find out that he is a hybrid like our trio, but he doesn’t care about playing it safe. Nickolas has Isabel wrapped around his finger, and Isabel is hurting everyone she loves and cares about. Especially Alex.

Melinda takes us on a crazy ride in this book. It’s filled with angst and longing between Max and Liz, Alex and Isabel. I love each aspect of the character’s personalities, even  where they differ from the T.V. show. Emotions and vibes are tense between Max and Liz. Max thinks the only way to keep Liz safe, is to stay away from her, but their longing for each other is palpable. In The Wild One, we watch Isabel make some major mistakes that give us insight into her character, and show us her vulnerabilities. It was funny and heart-warming to see Michael and Maria develop a quirky friendship that hints at something more. I really enjoyed this second book in the series, and I will leave you with one of my favorite parts between Max and Liz. WARNING! This scene is HOT.


Liz couldn’t stand it. She had to touch him, too. She lowered her head and brushed his cheek with
her own. The rough stubble against her smooth skin made her shiver.

She continued using her face to explore his. She rubbed her nose against Max’s and leaned even
closer to tickle his eyelashes with her own. A butterfly kiss. That’s what she and Maria called
touching eyelashes when they were little girls.

Liz moved her head lower and grazed Max’s lips with hers. Light and fast. Then she smoothed her
chin across his.

Max took a ragged breath and wove his hands through her hair. He pulled her mouth back to his.
He ran his tongue across her lips, urging them apart.

There was nothing gentle about his kiss. It was hot and desperate, as if he couldn’t stand to wait
another second.


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3 responses to “The Wild One (Roswell High #2) by Melinda Metz

  1. My least favorite, and the part that made me the saddest in this book was when Alex found the strip of photo-booth pictures of Isabel and Nikolas.

  2. My least favorite, and the part that made me the saddest in this book was when Alex found the strip of photo-booth pictures of Isabel and Nikolas.

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