The Seeker (Roswell High #3) by Melinda Metz

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The Seeker (Roswell High #3) by Melinda MetzThe Seeker by Melinda Metz
Series: Roswell High #3
Published by Simon Spotlight Entertainment on 200 (first published 1998)
Pages: 168
Format: Paperback
Source: Amazon
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Circle of danger...

Maria: She hasn't told her firends about the strange glowing ring that she found. It seems to be giving her powers -- special abilities that let her enter a world she's been dying to experience. Here's her chance to learn what she longs to know: how Michael feels about her.

Michael: He feels all alone on Earth and he's searching for a place to belong. He didn't count on discovering someone to care about right here in Roswell. Now he's falling for his best friend. But what he doesn't know, and Maria doesn't realize, is that she's drawing danger to them all....

This third book in the Roswell High series proves again that Melinda’s writing and story telling are just as good, if not better, than in the first book. Things start getting a little more crazy, even by Roswell standards in The Seeker, and we learn a lot about our favorite alien-hybrids.

In this book, Isabel is still struggling to get over Nikolas’s untimely death in The Wild One, and Alex  provides the shoulder she needs to lean on. Things are rocky between Alex and Isabel at first, but Isabel is reaching some clarity about her feelings for Alex when he let’s her know that he won’t be her rebound.


Max and Liz are back in ”just friends” mode after their steamy encounter at the end of The Wild One. Liz is so hurt about Max giving her mixed signals, that she decides to ”officially” try to move on by going out on a date with a fellow student who has had a crush on her for a while. You will just have to read the book (if you haven’t already) to see  how it turns out. 🙂


Now, to Michael and Maria. This book is probably a favorite of all M&M fans. The chemistry that becomes too intense to ignore between Michael and Maria in this book is sooo good! Michael becomes uncomfortable when he realizes he just might have more than, “kid sister” feelings for Maria. Maria has kept quiet about her growing feelings for Michael, but she is definitely sending him the vibes in this book. Melinda gives us the sweetest scenarios between these two in The Seeker! M&M are both there for each other when one needs the other, and the lines between friendship and romantic feelings begin to blur.


In The Seeker, our alien-hybrids find out more about their powers, and just what they are capable of. At the end of The Wild One, Maria stumbles upon a mystical looking ring while trying to escape the mall from Sheriff Valenti. This ring proves to be more than Maria originally thought it was, and a strange alien connection to the ring causes trouble for the whole crew. This book takes our favorite Roswell posse on another dangerous adventure, that ultimately brings them all closer together, and shows them just how much they need each other. In closing, here’s a teaser:

That happened way to much lately. Maria would do some completely normal thing, and Michael would get slammed by the memory of that dream. He should never have gone into it. What he saw had totally messed up his head, turning his thoughts about Maria from G-okay, sometimes PG — to NC-17.

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